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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some General Advice About Your Timing Belt Replacement Cost

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By Barry Edwards

The timing belt is an important part of a car engine and is accountable for suitable valve timing. Belts replaced the timing chain in a lot of cars produced after the 1980s. Mechanics in some cases describe them as cam belts. If a belt fails to function properly, it could result in harm to valves and pistons. The timing belt replacement cost varies based on vehicle type and the track record of the repair shop. If the technician locates additional problems when making repairs there can be added charges.

Some mechanics advise a timing belt replacement following approximately 50,000 miles however numerous manufacturers say it is okay to hang around until the car has 80,000 miles on it. Belts hardly ever break but the pressure decreases with time if the fiber core comes unravelled or peels.

Indications of an Impending Belt Failure

Automobile drivers should look for the following symptoms because any could indicate a belt is about to fail:

Excess exhaust An engine shake which shakes the entire car Problems starting the automobile Unknown engine noises

How a Timing Belt is Changed

The repairman will normally change the tensioner whenever replacing the timing belt and examine the appropriate idler and the gear bearings. The aforementioned repair is complicated and takes a long time because it calls for uncoupling a piece of the engine. The repairman must get rid of the fan belt and lever system in order to reach the timing belt.

Vehicle owners pay less for changing a timing belt than they would for replacing a timing chain. The cost for belt replacement may be anywhere from $250 to $750 based on the car's model and make. Every repair shop specifies its individual hourly price for labor. Replacement can take from 2 hrs to six hrs depending on how skilled the repairman is and just how substantial the damage to the car is.

Conserving Your money on Timing Belt Replacement

Specialists recommend that vehicle drivers should get the water pump replaced when the timing belt is replaced. This is because the mechanic must do most of the work to remove the water pump in any case. Getting the pump replaced then will certainly be less costly than paying a repairman to go through the same steps later on.

Several mechanics suggest car owners to get the drive belt, front engine seals and idlers swapped as well. All of these added repairs amplify the final statement yet they will definitely cost even more if they are done individually later. Vehicle drivers really should request a written appraisal before any work is done to prevent shocks later on.

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