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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting More Horsepower

English: School model of engine. Français : Ma...
English: School model of engine. Français : Maquette scolaire d'un moteur à explosion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Marielle Solidum

Horsepower is a humorous thing - this is because we tend to want more if we have more; but in most cases, more horsepower means a more expensive automobile, it can also mean a combination of some expensive car enhancements. However, in our everyday life having more horsepower isn't really the key if you're not a regular track day racer. What is horsepower? Are there any more convenient ways to get it? Well, Yes!

Not all modifications require an excessive amount of time, money and labor. There are several ways you can maximize your engine's potential by simply keeping a record on operating fundamentals. Understanding these factors may help us understand some definitive principles.

Definitions - Horsepower and Torque:

Horsepower is mainly the rate at which an engine works. Engine output comprises of two main factors - horsepower and torque. Torque is the turning force produced by the engine and it is what is responsible for automobiles with fast speed and smoking tires. It determines the rate at which an engine can move at. If you have more horsepower, you can get more work done. The bottom line is: torque is responsible for acceleration, while horsepower is the rate of acceleration.

Petrol engines can produce more power per liter of displacement than the diesel engine which has the same displacement; but the diesel engine can produce more or equal amount of torque than the petrol engine. If you observe, all commercial and heavy vehicles use diesel engines. This is because of the massive low-speed torque they produce. Diesel engine is not ideal for drag racing but it is surely ideal for delivering things to mountainous terrains.

More Horsepower:

To make your engine produce more horsepower, the key is to keep it in optimum running condition. Here's a checklist:

- Always utilize the highly recommended grade of oil and stick to one brand of gasoline once you determine that it's the best for your automobile. This ensures consistency. This keeps the engine running clean and reliable, while also helping to increase engine life.

- Ensure that the air intake and air filter are clean. Check the air filter regularly to make absolutely sure that it isn't getting blocked, clogged or saturated with particulate matter. Like the air intake, the exhaust system is of equal importance. Get your exhaust checked for discharges and clogged components. High gas expenditure and consequential high waste materials usually mean improper combustion or malfunctioning components. You can also consider a high volume performance air filter and even a free flow exhaust depending on what the street legal regulations allow.

- While there are fuel additives available that promise to "keep your engine clean and deliver maximum performance"; avoid using them. Instead, choose products that don't have any physical impact on the engine and its functions like Magnum Fuel Rx. It's a device that uses radio frequency waves to alter the atomic signature of your fuel which gives standard gasoline the performance of higher octane fuel. This leads to cleaner combustion, better fuel consumption, more horsepower and lower emissions with just a simple installation procedure.

Indeed, having more horsepower can be easily attained. You just have to go about it in the most effective way.

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